About Us

Deepwater Excursions, offers custom outdoor adventures aimed at helping folks rediscover peace, simplicity and natural rhythms in their lives.

Deepwater Excursions is the only outdoor adventure company in southern Ontario that offers friendly, customizable, fully outfitted trips to groups and individuals eager to un-plug and reconnect with the natural environment.

Deepwater Excursions provides a non-clinincal environment, outfitting and logistics for you and your group to escape the monotony of daily routine, and to find time to build and strengthen relationships, and to enjoy adventure and laughs along the way.


Encouraging and supporting others in finding strength, focus, and happiness in the great outdoors.


We see folks getting a real handle on life's challenges through the use of adventure. We see people growing and becoming more balanced in relationships, time management, work schedules, and in the navigation of todays demanding and sometimes lonely internet driven culture.

DISCLAIMER We are not certified psychologists, or psychiatrists. Our founder Derek Bouwman studied Outdoor Adventure at Algonquin College and Behavioural Counselling from the Institute of Counselling in Glasgow, Scotland but we prefer to think of ourselves as regular guys with a heart for people and a love for the natural world!


We guarantee a friendly supportive experience - an opportunity to get away, think clearly, discover beauty and come back home a little (or a lot) different than when you left.

Our team

  • Derek Bouwman

    Founder, guide

Service Area

Southern Ontario including, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, London, Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo and the entire Regions of Halton, Grey Bruce, and Golden Horseshoe

Our History


Derek's love affair with the outdoors began as a child. Ever since the first time his own father took him canoeing he has always found a place of solace and peace in the outdoors.

While the outdoors was his playground during childhood it became his training ground as young man. Derek pursued outdoor studies at Algonquin college with a particular attention to the therapeutic benefits of spending time in the wilderness. Since then Derek has logged over 1500 kilometers of travel by canoe on lakes and rivers in Ontario, Quebec, and in the eastern US and has spent 460+ nights sleeping in tents, quinzee's, and snow banks from coast to coast in our beautiful country Canada.

After marrying and starting a family in 2005, Derek spent considerable time leading and organizing canoe and winter camping trips for Men's groups, Father and Son groups, University students, Cadet programs and for elementary school trips. He also taught custom first aid, wilderness survival techniques, and ropes courses to a local elementary school. Derek has pursued many different certifications making him a highly qualified and skilled wilderness guide.

"Be Still and know that I am God." - Psalm 46

Today we're inviting you to leave your fast paced, highly technological, uber distracting worlds for a few days to stop, & listen, to consider the beauty of the natural world and reflect on why we're here in the first place.

Whether you Paddle, Hike or Camp; Get off the couch!

What our customers are saying…

  • Derek was an amazing guide and instructor. He was well organized and equipped. On the water he was encouraging and helpful. Around the fire he was insightful and caring. I highly recommend his services...


    Burlington, Ontario

  • My son and I recently went back country canoeing with Deep Water Excursions. Our knowledgeable guide was very good, and even went out of his way to ensure we had excellent campsites on the lake. I was a little apprehensive about taking a canoe trip into the wilderness, but I was quite confident in the abilities of our guide. We even saw a moose, which was fun for all of us. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a guides experience back country camping.


    Guelph, Ontario

  • After several adventures with Derek I couldn't speak more highly of the experience. Derek is someone who knows the restorative blessings of Canada's wilderness. While many of us live only a short distance from places that rarely see the touch of humanity, we quickly get wrapped up in the city bustle and work pressure. Derek not only provides a solid outdoor knowledge that makes the adventure worry free, he also adds an understanding of life and the real pressures men face in modern culture.

    Being real men is a real challenge in today's society and Derek knows this. His listening character and and aware personality allow for refreshing conversation and biblical guidance. Derek combines a unique set of skills between knowing the riches of creation and the struggles of men. If the bible is our compass, and the wilderness the journey, Derek understands how to use the compass to stay on course.


    Winnepeg, Ontario

  • Derek quickly relates to people, is always interested in what you have to say, and always seems to appreciate people for the unique individuals they are. Derek is an exceptional guide - for both your boat and your heart.


    Guelph, Ontario

  • Derek is a knowledgeable guide with lots of experience who adds lots of fun on the trip. Derek has taught me many interesting things about survival and the wilderness. While sitting around the campfire he busts out the harmonica which added a fun touch to the trip. Derek really connects the beautiful wilderness to its majestic creator which for me means a lot. I highly recommend going out with Deepwater Excursions, you will enjoy!